I have always loved baking and cooking.  For the last 20 years of my 'working' years I always took in MONDAY MORNING COOKIES for my fellow co-workers.  When I had to start eating gluten free I found a whole new challenge ahead of me. 

Learning to cook and bake gluten free was almost like learning to bake all over again.  The chemistry and baking ingredients vary considerably from using wheat flour.  As gluten is a protein, recipes have to be adjusted to accommodate the change. While I am still learning, I feel I have come to understand the process and am able to produce good tasting gluten free products.

As both my daughter and granddaughter are also gluten free, I have been baking things for them also, they are my best product tasters.  My husband and sons (who is not gluten free) let me know when my gluten free items are close or even better than the full-gluten ones.

I have been baking gluten free since about 2011.  During that time I have completely changed over my kitchen.  For about a year I kept a container of wheat flour in my kitchen but never used it; when I got rid of that about 5 years ago, my kitchen has been wheat free.

While my products do not yet have a gluten free certification, I am confident that my kitchen and cooking utensils are gluten free. 

Individual servings have their own packaging, this is to try an avoid any cross-contamination that could occur in transit.  If you purchase my rolls at a restaurant or retail establishment, you will be able to unwrap it yourself, and thus make sure that there has been no cross-contamination.

I hope you will try my products and enjoy them.

Ann Pohl


1391 Parkview Drive

Woodland, CA  95776


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